t-day, 2012.

Thanksgiving Day starts off spectating the parade – first from above, then from the treadmill and ends in Long Island surrounded by family and a belly full of butter.

Mickey The Mouse.

Italian Appetizers

My Uncle’s Homemade Wine,

Al Fresco!

Besides the basics, today I am thankful for concealer, wine, and a day off of work.

i refuse.

I refuse to put my maxi dresses into hibernation for the winter, I like them too much! Instead, I’ve been throwing on a simple sweater and calling it day.


Dress: Club Monaco
Sweater: Gap

thursday, thank you.

When you work in food like how I work in food the week before Thanksgiving tends to be pandemonium.  My nail salon has a 9:30p last call; I am thankful, oh so thankful.

casual friday, delayed.

Let’s be comf, ay?

j.crew top & bottom — free people vest.

aldo combats.


A Peruvian adventure is about to commence. Pictorials to come.

show me yours.

i’ve been rockin the undone look since middle school.

about a year ago, some very trendy people re-identified the sloppy bun as the top knot turning slobbing into a thing. participation rate – 4:7.

fog jog – hit it.

I never really understood why people loved fall until I started running the park in the mornings. Even during this fog jog the temperature was perfect. The mornings are mine said the employee to the employer, the mornings are mine.


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