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fish and l&ce.

{[Free people top]} floral-esque printed chiffon complimented by lace trim.      

  fish and lace 1Fish necklace {[Vintage]}.

Bohemian // feminine, during the college days free people pieces were a staple in my wardrobe. Two and half years later I still find myself drawn to the line.  Although most of their clothing is not conducive to office attire, I do my best to incorporate a quirky sweater now and again. 


My mom came in possession of this necklace when she was thirteen years old.  She doesn’t remember where it came from but the colors scream Mediterranean to me. After eyeing it for  years she has finally agreed to letting me “borrow” it.  Netty (mom) and I do not share the same taste by any means however I must admit she had quite the eye for conversation pieces when she was younger: A modest collection of rings, necklaces and brooches in which I plan to slowly take over. 





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Happy autumn everyone and welcome to vintage owl! My uninspiring desk job has swallowed up my creative spirit and spit it out as dust. Craving an outlet to explore the vast spectra of style and health, this site was born.  Enjoy!

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