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comfort food.

Cause bayba, it’s cold outside.


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the model bottle.

I have issues with reusable water bottles. I’ve been trying to jump on the {green} bandwagon but while experimenting with countless bottles I’d easily convince my germaphobic self that they weren’t clean after one use,  too bulky // heavy to carry around or fit in my bag, and the metal bottles produced metal tasting water. I had accepted my defeat, my environmental unfriendliness and went back to my roots: Poland Spring plastic bottles; recycled always.  That was until I came across the anti-bottle while moseying around a hospital gift shop. What, what! This can mold into my overstuffed bag, it’s BPA free and it comes in green, so sold. I bought another for the boy toy as a stocking stuffer (Read: B. T. is not of the Christmas tree buying religion and had to Google what a stocking stuffer was – adorable).   This slim little non-bottle conveniently goes where I go.  Happy sipping.

to purchase: {vapur.us}.

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