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I dont shop, ever. Why? Because the rent is too damn high. The willpower to avoid Bloomingdales and Anthropologie at all costs developed as a prerequisite to move out and stay out of my parent’s basement post college. I sacrificed shopping and more frequent or elaborate travel for my {independence} – and it’s been oh, so worth it. While away, I completely fell off the no spending wagon but the Parisian shopping opportunities were just too good to pass up.  I reveled in my “fuck it -I don’t care where the euro is at” mentality and swiped away.  Amongst the boutique findings were suede flats for spring,  a floral dress whose pattern reminds me of something Marc Jacobs would produce (or a grandma would wear?), a tri- floral patterned sheer scarf that I think I’ve been searching for my entire life, and some old latin sheet music that will be framed and hung on the wall.


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You can say that I have not been adjusting well to being back in the U.S. – back in the same ol’ routine. Professional goals v. Travel goals v. Financial goals; the three constantly compete against one another. I assume this is another {twentysomething} dilemma however, which should be the priority and which the sacrifice? 

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