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hot blends.

It’s getting quite frigid in the Northeast which can ensure two things:

1. Less shaving of the legs.

2. The transition from smoothies to “hot blends”.

In this warm smoothie / hot blend / wanna be liquid apple crisp you will find: an apple, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, gluten-free oats, white chocolate wonderful peanut butter, protein powder, a shake of shredded coconut, a little bit of salt topped with agave and cinnamon sugar.  Heat it all up, blend, consume and be happy.

*The texture and taste reminded me so much of cream of wheat, for the 2% of you that love cream of wheat and are gluten-free, you’re welcome.


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t & a.

Thank God for Tracy Anderson.

Not really, but if you’re avoiding the schlep to the gym or are short on time, click here: free workouts props to youtube– come in handy. I’m not as synchronized, coordinated or tan as she, but my arms undoubtedly feel the burn. A few more of these video sessions and people might start mistaking me for Gwyneth :-).

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snack time.

Juice Generation is my favorite snack time place in NYC.

1.They serve coconut water that is removed from actual young coconuts. In case you haven’t tried it, fresh coconut water tastes way better and completely different from the vita/zico bottled shtuff. Think less syrupy.

2. They have the perfect fall drink that stomps all over Fivebuck’s pumpkin spice latte. Allow me to acquaint you with the hot,soy,chai,ginger drink – the ginger guru. Spicy balanced by sweet, it’s delicious.

3. They keep it healthy by using fresh and alkaline ingredients that come from ms. mother earth.
Seven dollars later… Overpriced, but healthy!

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yoga in the park.

Some parks have trees, mine has buildings.
Occasionally during the spring, summer and now fall nice weathered Sundays, the yoga studio in my neighborhood will host “Yoga in the Park” – a free yoga class that takes place on the Gantry Park piers overlooking the Manhattan skyline. Since this was the last class of the year, I made it a priority to resurrect from bed in time to attend.

Chaturanga-ing outside, surrounded by water, in the sun.


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tea a me.

As a tea queen, I was so excited to find this little gem in the “up for grabs” cabinet at work. Hey, it’s the small things.

Strong flavors, interesting spices and unique combinations are all apart of Harney & Sons repertoire so I am sad to admit that this white tea left a lot to be desired.  It smelled the part however I was unable to taste any trace of vanilla or grapefruit.

At least it’s packaged pretty?

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apple store.

Steve Jobs love on fifth ave <3.

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i spy w/ my little eye.

The Union Square Greenmarket:

^_Those purple and white guys are heirloom tomatoes, kinda cool huh?

The other morning I arrived early for a meeting downtown. Needing to kill some time, I roamed around the farmer’s market in Union Square. Although I like my job, starting the day with happy colors, hippie farmers and good vibes beats the HELL out of the office’s four walls, my dull computer screen and the ringing telephone. 

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