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t-day, 2012.

Thanksgiving Day starts off spectating the parade – first from above, then from the treadmill and ends in Long Island surrounded by family and a belly full of butter.

Mickey The Mouse.

Italian Appetizers

My Uncle’s Homemade Wine,

Al Fresco!

Besides the basics, today I am thankful for concealer, wine, and a day off of work.


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thursday, thank you.

When you work in food like how I work in food the week before Thanksgiving tends to be pandemonium.  My nail salon has a 9:30p last call; I am thankful, oh so thankful.

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rises in the east.

7am, 60 degrees, neon nikes, pandora & the Reservoir.

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flower picking.

Flower picking via the honor system – Redhook, NY.

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yoga in the park.

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sleep no more.

A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing,” – Shakespeare.

Considering the great reviews, uniqueness and hype floating around New York for the past year, I was super excited to experience Sleep No More at the McKittrick Hotel with boyfriend.

The “show” is based on Macbeth however, there was no plot to follow; just a few short, non-cohesive scenes here and there and actors running from room to room with spectators (all fashioned in white masks) following them. It would be appropriate to detach the “interactive play” title and describe SNM as a haunted museum that should come equipped with an informative headset to explain what-the-fuck you’re looking at. It was somewhat cool, I can appreciate the quirkiness,  prop authenticity, ambiance and music at the bar however, all in all I dare to say that it was overhyped and slightly overpriced.

Afterwards, we headed to the rooftop to catch up. It was pretty, not crowded and provided a nice ending to a somewhat thorny night.

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