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A Peruvian adventure is about to commence. Pictorials to come.


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flower picking.

Flower picking via the honor system – Redhook, NY.

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My uncle, the vet, has pet horses in  his backyard. Don’t you?

The only horses I typically see are schlepping tourists around Central Park. These guys are FREE.

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Boston, you sure are pretty but NY has my heart,

the yankees,

& my accent.

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I dont shop, ever. Why? Because the rent is too damn high. The willpower to avoid Bloomingdales and Anthropologie at all costs developed as a prerequisite to move out and stay out of my parent’s basement post college. I sacrificed shopping and more frequent or elaborate travel for my {independence} – and it’s been oh, so worth it. While away, I completely fell off the no spending wagon but the Parisian shopping opportunities were just too good to pass up.  I reveled in my “fuck it -I don’t care where the euro is at” mentality and swiped away.  Amongst the boutique findings were suede flats for spring,  a floral dress whose pattern reminds me of something Marc Jacobs would produce (or a grandma would wear?), a tri- floral patterned sheer scarf that I think I’ve been searching for my entire life, and some old latin sheet music that will be framed and hung on the wall.

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You can say that I have not been adjusting well to being back in the U.S. – back in the same ol’ routine. Professional goals v. Travel goals v. Financial goals; the three constantly compete against one another. I assume this is another {twentysomething} dilemma however, which should be the priority and which the sacrifice? 

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hoppin’ across the pond.

“The impulse to travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of life”.

I’ve recently been given the opportunity to spend a long weekend in Paris.  Mostly pleasure mixed with a little bit of business, this is just the getaway I’ve been craving. My memories of Paris, having visited twice before, are fond and bounded with happiness and curiosity. This city is one in particular that I always leave with a longing to become further acquainted with.

I referenced back to my travel journal for a memory nudge: {I love it here, wishing I had more time. *Note to self: the lemon sugar crepes are amazing} March07. {Day ?? of binge drinking and no sleep. I cannot get enough of the beautiful Paris! Slept in a log cabin, went to a burlesque show} July08.

Au revoir!

(Images obtained via pinterest.com)

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